Ban on Smoking? Never Fear! Swedish Snus Is Here

Have you ever seen a movie about medieval Europe where nobles are having fun at the royal court and then they take a pinch of French snuff? Of course you have. Well, snuff is a dry, powdered tobacco which is sniffed through the nose. It was especially popular with women, since it was considered to be more socially acceptable than smoking tobacco. A different form of snuff – Swedish snus – might save you from having to adhere to smoking bans at any parties or restaurants in Seattle.Swedish snus was invented in the 1800s in Sweden (obviously) and was a moist version of smokeless tobacco. You ingest it by placing it under your upper lip, and it is usually flavoured with a smoky aroma of citrus, juniper berry or bergamot. Smoking bans are on the increase in bars, clubs and restaurants, but you don’t have to give up tobacco. You can use Swedish snus as an alternative to cigarettes.There is actually a wide debate in medicine over whether snus poses less of a risk to consumers than cigarettes, with many arguing that snus is ‘healthier’ than smoking cigarettes. If you’re interested in this, check out this informative article from the New York Times.Swedish snus is sold as a loose powder, or as the increasingly popular portioned snus, where it comes pre-packaged into pouches. If you can’t find anywhere to buy snus in Seattle, why not buy quality Swedish snus online from SnusDirect?This company delivers fresh products quickly and cheaply to your door. They also offer a variety of snus brands, in a large range of portion strengths and sizes.